Casa Laura Issue 1 July 2020

Film Review: “The War on Kids”

by Elsie

I am part of a new youth activist group called Radical Restart. Most Sunday nights, we have film nights on Zoom. And the films are really interesting.

This time, it was a film about how bad the education system is in the US. It was really interesting. Talking about, mostly, how similar schools are to prisons. I can’t remember exactly the order of things, but I’ll tell it like this.

There has been a growing “blame the student” ideology. And this has gotten worse than ever. The blame the student ideology is that, whatever happens in school, it’s always the child’s fault. And not, as it should be, “there’s something wrong with our teaching”.

And this has gone to extremes. A 10-year old was arrested and put in jail for 2 weeks after stealing 2 dollars from another child. A group of kindergarten/primary kids were kicked out of school for playing “cops and robbers”.

These are only some of the examples, but even those are outrageous.

The film showed police walking along a hallway in a school, telling kids to put their hands on their heads, while police dogs barked loudly, looking for drugs.

The film also showed how crazy-secure some schools are. You have to go past security, and once you’re inside school, there are CCTV cameras everywhere. And what is their actual purpose? Some kids will find it scary to have people watching them all the time, and to have no escape.

This system is seriously broken. Children are put into posh prisons, for 12 years of their life, taking away their curiousness, enthusiasm and personality. If you can’t keep your mouth shut and your feet still for the majority of your childhood, then we’re literally going to diagnose you and put you on drugs. – School Schools, to put it simply, only count one type of intelligence.

PS. The ending is really depressing so have a movie clip of some anti-school movement afterwards!

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