Casa Laura Issue 1 July 2020

St Laura

by Heather

Casa Laura is named after St Laura of Colombia (born in 1874), who is Colombia’s first saint. In Catholicism, a saint’s feast day is the anniversary of their death. Laura Montoya died on 21st October 1949, aged 75.

The 21st of October happens to be the birthdate of my daughter and the birthdate of our long-term guest seeking asylum.

Discovering this seemed perfect.

My father is Colombian. I am Colombian. My daughter is Colombian.

Then I read a little bit about her (and there isn’t much!): “Montoya wanted to eliminate the existing racial discrimination [against indigenous people].” (Wikipedia)

Her final nine years of life were spent in a wheelchair due to a long illness.

This art was made by Sarah Fuller for us especially — November 2019.

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