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Bespoke programmes

Heather can develop a programme based on your organisation’s particular needs and demographics. 

Creating spaces for sharing

As part of her work, Heather wants folks who are margninalised by society to feel able to share honestly about their experiences, if they so wish. She also thinks this space is important for people doing anti-oppression work so they can explore uncomfortable feelings without making people targeted by oppression feel uncomfortable. 

Common organisational patterns

When folks see the patterns that create barriers to a healthy feedback culture, they are more likely to be motivated to do the work necessary for diversity, equality, and inclusion. Heather starts with these patterns to create a common language and to lay the groundwork for the necessary attitude of humility and curiosity.


Heather is a skilled facilitator in supporting people from all backgrounds in recognising the societal, organisational, and individual cultural patterns that create barriers to having authentic diversity and inclusivity, thereby preventing the healthy feedback culture necessary for getting the best thinking out of everyone. 

Her unique style is emergent and contextual. 

Brought in by a large UK charity in 2021 to deliver White Supremacy Culture Patterns training to managers, she eventually gained the trust of BAME members of staff and was asked to co-develop a workshop series pilot for white managers on racism, followed by a leadership programme pilot for BAME members of staff. Both were successful and have been rolled out. 

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