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Join a community of people who are grappling with power, privilege, and looking at how to take care of one another and to keep each other as safe as possible. Some of us come from an anti-racism perspective, a collapse-driven narrative, or from an environmental movement. 

The group is private. All who have been engaging with the Keduzi framework and resources are welcome.

You will have access to all of the Keduzi resources in special sections of the group, where people discuss various themes and raise questions and help develop thinking in these areas.

You will be notified of, and have easy access to, new resources.

You will be invited to all workshops and Q&As and may join them free of charge. If you have doubts about whether you meet the requirements for joining, please contact Heather

We request that you commit to making a monthly donation to sustain our work here in Colombia. If you are unable to do so, but would still like to join, please contact Heather. Her work is offered on a gift economy basis, so not having funds will never inhibit your participation.  

You may also wish to commit to making a monthly donation at the end of each month, based on what you are able and willing to pay, and what value you have received from the group that month.

1. Watch the introductory video

2. Make your donation or contact Heather about other arrangements

3. Request membership to the Facebook group.

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