Support for People Marginalised by Society


As a guest coach on the Possible Futures course, Introduction to Decolonising Sustainability, Heather’s role is to support learners in recognising the cultural patterns that create barriers to having a decolonial view on work in the sustainability field. Participants receive 1-1 coaching sessions with her and she tailors the work to their own context: be it as a white, Western, middle-class woman working in the Global South; or a woman from the Global South working with white people in the Global South; or a Global South woman in the Global South working with other Global South people – yet running up against colonial, racist, and sexist challenges. 

Support group

Heather runs a support group for women attempting to decolonise their fields. They run twice per month, in two different time zones suitable to nearly all parts of the world. The 90-minute session includes coaching for how to respond and skill up in tricky situations. Recently, refugees have joined the group, too.

Gift economy

Heather does this work on a “gift economy” basis, which means you pay what you are willing and able to pay.

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